Botany Bay: Build a sandcastle at the beach with a moat

I’m told that you can’t go to the beach without building a sandcastle. Obviously we have been doing it all wrong because we missed that memo on previous trips and have only just thought about purchasing some buckets and spades to start including this activity in our beach adventures.

Botany Bay is a great day trip. The water is calm with the small waves lapping the shoreline. It also has a rich history. We decided that this place would be the setting for our first attempt at building sandcastles with moats.

The digging was fun. The construction a little difficult. The kids soon learned that if the sand was not compacted in the bucket it quickly collapsed on itself. The moat was also an exciting learning experience. “Mummy, mummy, the water keeps disappearing!”. So we spoke about absorption and what sand is made from.


Miss N also noted that the sand was warm at the top but became cooler as she dug deeper. To test this out she decided creating sand angels was the best course of action.


After lunch we spent some time exploring the shore line which boasts lots of historical treasures including one of the first European burial sites.




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