12 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

It might surprise you to hear that at Christmas time I gift very little to my kids in the way of presents to unwrap. We are usually travelling, so hauling around our suitcase with the addition of tangible gifts is difficult. Of course, I don’t want to take all the magic away from the festivities so we almost always celebrate with a special meal, explicit linking to why we are celebrating and a surprise visit from Santa Claus while they’re asleep.

The Santa Claus that visits us on Christmas Eve generally works on a 4 gift rule: something they need, something to read, something to experience and something to eat. He has been known to combine them too and usually relies on Annual Passes and Monthly Subscription Boxes.

Subscription Boxes are one of my most favourite gift items. If you think back to your childhood, there was almost nothing as exciting as receiving a parcel with you name on it in the mail. The choices that are available these days mean that you can match the gift subscription to the recipients interests. We’ve tried quite a few over the years with Little Passports and Pipsticks our two favourites so far. This year I have my eye on the World Bites subscription for Striker and the Science Expeditions subscription for Sunshine. I’m unsure what your kids would love the most so I have sourced a further ten options.

Which choice do you think your kids would love the most?

12 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

  1. World Bites – Part of the adventure when travelling is trying different foods. World Bites is a monthly subscription box that provides the recipient with a box of snacks from a different country every month. This month is was Japan and next week it is France! Starting at $27.95 a month (or $80.00 for three months) each curated box contains at least five full-sized snacks from the focus country. Awesome, right? This is my top pick for Striker who loves trying new foods especially if they’re of the snack food variety. Based in Australia. Age: I would like to say all ages.
  2. CleverDIY – Created by CleverPatch, these boxes are not technically a subscription service but there are enough box options to order one per month for the kids. Each CleverDIY box is $24.90 and features a themed project. Currently they have: Christmas, Retro Games, Jewellery, My Room, Transport, Gadgets, Flight and Australia. Based in Australia. Age: 4-10 years*
  3. Science Expeditions Subscription – As a past subscriber of the Little Passports World Edition subscription, I was super excited to spy the new Science Expeditions when it was released recently. Sunshine has become infatuated with science after joining her school science club and spends much of her free time creating prototypes for her latest invention ideas. This subscription might keep her from stealing all my pantry staples for her experiments!  The subscription starts at $17.95USD month + shipping. Based in the United States of America. Age: 9+
  4. Pipsticks –  This subscription service has changed a little since we subscribed a couple of years ago, but it still includes a plethora of sticker sheets and coloured paper with each month mail out. Starting at $9.95USD + shipping per month, the stickers are themed each month and usually include a variety of different textured and smelly stickers. Based in the United States of America. Age: All ages.
  5. Box for Monkeys – Each month your subscription box will arrive with something to explore, a recipe to cook, a craft activity to make, ideas to create, a musicactivity to enjoy, a game to play and a book to read. It is an amazing, fun box perfect for toddlers and younger children. The subscription starts at $47.95 a month. Based in Australia. Age: 3-7 years.
  6. Get Brainy Box – The Get Brainy Box has been created by a great team who love to see their kids learning. Following a Montessori approach, each monthly box includes Montessori materials, lesson plans, laminated cards and crafts. Starting at $39.95USD a month. Based in the United States of America. Age: 3-6 years.
  7. Little Pnuts Travel Boxes – We’ve featured Little Pnuts in our yearly subscription round up previously so are excited to be able to include the new Little Pnuts Travel Boxes as a subscription to add to possibilities. Designed to occupy the kids while you’re travelling, each box contains 3 fun-filled items, featuring games, books, cards and creative activities, with a variety of themes to choose from. They are currently only available in the USA but you can still join their annual subscription for $240.00USD. Based in the United States of America. Age: infant – 5 years.
  8. Honey and Co. Club –  Each month subscribers receive a gift of a toy product and an activity or book that will sometimes require parental assistance. Starting at $29.00 a month. Based in Australia. Age: 0 – 5 years
  9. Get Kids Cooking – If you and your kids (or even just your kids) have an interest in cooking you’ll love this new find. Get Kids Cooking subscription delivers a monthly cooking kit to your door with their very first order consisting of a welcome letter, 1 Folder with sleeves, Apron(s) (1 apron for each child subscribed), 1 tea towel, 1 activity, chitter chatter starter key chain and card plus ` bonus recipe plus health, hygiene and safety cards. From $19.95 a month. Based in Australia. Age: school age.
  10. Nerd Block Jr. Block –  Nerd Block as a number of different subscription services available to people in Australia. The Jr. Block for boys and the Jr. Block for girls are probably the most appealing (I’m unsure why they need to be gender specific?). Each box comes with an exclusively designed t-shirt plus licensed toys, activities and collectibles chosen with budding nerds in mind! From $15.99USD a month. Based in the United States of America. Age: 6-11 years.
  11. The Kids Bookclub – I absolutely adore books so stumbling a subscription that sends out a new book each month is very exciting. The Kids Bookclub is a great way to build up your picture book library whilst also supporting life-changing literacy programs for children in disadvantaged communities. Currently $25.00 a month. Based in Australia. Age: 0-5 years.
  12. Our Little Foxes – Only last year Our Little Foxes were providing amazing subscription services for kids. However, recently they reframed their service and decides to work on a Family Activity Program which promised to provide magical experiences for the whole family. The program includes a DIY Wooden Billy Kart, weekly activities, expert blogs and plenty of tools and support and costs $249.00. Based in Australia. Age: the whole family

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*all age recommendations are based on my own guess work.

2 thoughts on “12 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

  1. Hi this is great, thanks for sharing.

    We are a new kids subscription box sending Ooshies either monthly or as a one off gift. We make sure you never get the same Ooshie twice so you can complete the collection of each theme. Ooshies are squishy mini figures of your favourite licensed characters that also double up as pencil toppers. We are based in the UK but we send worldwide. Our website is http://fredsbox.co.uk

    • Hi Clare

      We love Ooshies! They have been a craze over here in Australia for some time and it’s great to see they’ve spread to the UK. Thanks for letting us know about them

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