The Bucket List

1. Hold a crocodile ✔️
7. Visit a zoo ✔️ The Australian Reptile Park; Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Taronga Zoo, Melbourne Zoo, Australia Zoo, Sydney Wildlife Park, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Symbio Wildlife Park
8. Catch the train across the state (or two)
9. Go whale watching ✔️
11. Learn to finger Knit
12. Vist an Art Gallery ✔️  Museum of Contemporary Art AustraliaArt Gallery of NSW
13. Eat dessert in a book store
14. Milk a cow by hand ✔️
16. Go to Carols by Candlelight
17. Build a cubby house from sticks
18. Go on an Aussie Road Trip ✔️ Sydney to the Gold Coast
19. Find and write to a penpal each from Overseas (we now have pen pals in Denmark and Canada!)
20. Find a fossil
21. Find a nest
22. Catch a crab
24. Turn a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern
25. Build a campfire, boil a billy and roast marshmallows
26. Catch a tadpole (and then let it go)
27. Discover how money is made ✔️ The Perth Mint
29. Catch a tram
30. Learn to skip with a skipping rope
31. Eat berries off the vine
32. Spend a day taking photographs (each with our own camera)
33. Catch a ferry
34. Shear a sheep
35. Swim in the Atlantic
36. Drink hot chocolate above the clouds
38. Have a snail race
40. Catch a yabby ✔️
42. Make our own stamps and create wrapping paper
43. See at least 4 of the natural wonders of the world
44. See at least 4 of the ancient wonders of the world
45. Grow our food ✔️ Jamie Oliver’s Herb Garden 
46. Catch a caterpillar and watch it change into a butterfly
49. Learn to skim a stone
50. Make mud pies
51. Make a Dam
52. See how many different coloured rocks we can find at the river
53. Learn to do a cartwheel
54. Learn to whistle (first mouth, fingers then leaf/grass)
55. Watch a sunrise
56. Build a fairy house in the garden ✔️ (Visit a Fairy Park)
57. Climb a Lighthouse ✔️
58. Go on a Treasure hunt ✔️ Geocaching
59. Pan for gold ✔️
60. Go to Disneyland ✔️
61. Play in the snow
62. Learn to flip pizzas
63. Start a journal ✔️
65. Ride a camel ✔️
66. Visit an aquarium ✔️ AQWA in Western AustraliaManly SEA LIFE Sanctuary
67. Pick chestnuts ✔️
68. Fly a kite ✔️
69. Roll down a hill ✔️
71. Go to the theatre ✔️ Pete the Sheep 
73. Snorkel
76. Learn to make paper planes and see whose flies the furthest
78. Walk the labyrinth ✔️
81. Build a fort – Indoor
82. Cook damper and boil a billy
83. Learn to Skate ✔️
84. Slide down a grass hill on cardboard
85. Visit an island ✔️
86. Paddle a kayak
87. Eat bush tucker ✔️
88. Swim in the Indian Ocean ✔️ Busselton Jetty
89. Sleep in a hammock ✔️
91. Go orca watching
92. Explore a cave ✔️
94. Catch a wave
96. Count the stars
97. To market, to maket – visit a food market and sample the local produce ✔️ South Melbourne Market; Fairfield City Market
98. Learn to code ✔️
99. Take a High Ropes adventure
100. Take a cruise

9 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. I think we’ve covered about 8 with our 2 year old so far which is ok considering she’s tiny. Most were ticked off during a Vietnamese holiday this year. Cruising along Halong Bay, stopping at islands and caves. Can’t wait to tick off more with her 🙂

  2. What an awesome idea! We want to travel as much as we can with our daughter. She’s nearly three but has already spent six months living in Thailand and has been to Cambodia, but it’s easy to overlook the simple things that we did as kids like catching a yabby and learning to skim stones. Your list is a great reminder that these things are important and can be a great experience too.

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