Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day Program

Children dreaming of becoming a zoo keeper can see their dreams come to life when they head to the Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day program.

Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day Program

Running on Saturdays and a number of days each school holiday break, the program is available for children aged 8 and up where they have the opportunity to learn about animal husbandry through a range of interactive activities and special behind the scenes visits.

Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day Program

As an advocate for gifting experiences rather than consumables, last Christmas Sunshine and Striker both received a day at Taronga Zoo. Together with their cousins, they headed off in mid-January to take part in the Junior Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day program. I’ve been told it was one of the best days ever!

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Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day Program

The Junior Taronga Zoo Keeper for a Day Program starts at 9.45 am in the morning and runs to 3.30 pm. We arrived early as did much of the group. The air was electric with excitement. It wasn’t long before the zoo keepers, who would be leading the program, arrived. The kids were buzzing by this stage and they just got louder when they were each handed their very own Junior Keeper for a Day t-shirt which they could keep. We signed them over, waved goodbye and off they skipped. US parents were welcome to visit the Zoo but needed to buy a ticket to enter. Of course, the kids are in different sections of the zoo were we dint have access.

Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day Program

Across the day, the keepers facilitated a number of hands on activities which saw the kids discovering just what it is like to be a zoo keeper. They mucked out enclosures. they prepared food, they created enrichment activities for the animals. Because of the heat (the Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day is an all weather program), the kids spent a lot of the time under the shade and inside on their visit, but this didn’t stop them enjoying a full adventure. A seal show and a few animal encounters were included. They were in zoo heaven!

Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day Program

Parents started arriving back at the meeting spot at around 3.30 pm. I think we were all surprised to see the kids jogging back to us with almost as much energy as they had left us. They were still buzzing and all of them wanted to tell us about they adventure all at once! They all want to go back!

Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day Program

The Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day runs on Saturdays and some weekdays through the school holidays. The current price is $95.00 for the Junior Program. Parents provide morning tea, lunch and sunscreen on the day. If you would like to attend, I recommend booking early by completing the booking form. Head to Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day for full details. 

We self funded this adventure.

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10 thoughts on “Taronga Zoo Keeper For A Day Program

  1. This looks like a lovely family activity! I’ll be recommending this to any family members travelling to Australia with their kids (and I may check it out myself when I visit – it’s the kid in me!).

  2. Oh I love the idea of this. I never know what to buy the nieces/nephews for Christmas as I’d prefer them to have an experience and not something to be thrown away in a months time. They are too young to come travelling with me. Thanks for this post. It’s going to make me look like an amazing aunt at the next round of birthdays!

  3. The Zoo Keeper for a day program sounds to be a really innovative one. A great way for kids to learn about animals through an interactive experience. They not only learn but have fun as well and get close to the animals. I am sure that the authorities ensure all safety norms are adhered to.

  4. I feel like Taronga Zoo would be the perfect day trip (with or without kids!) the Zoo keeper for a day program would be something I’d totally be into myself! Love your photos

  5. I wish an activity like this was offered to us in school when we were younger! I would have enjoyed for sure! It’s such a delight to get close to animals, and also to learn how to handle them better. Even as an adult, though, I would still love to check out Taronga Zoo! I love animals, and the zoo looks wonderful!

  6. Being a Sydney Sider I have made many a trip to Taronga Zoo. It;s changed so much since I was a kid and I feel like they are improving all the time. My kids are a bit grown up now for the kids programs but hopefully it will still be around when I have grandbabies 🙂

  7. You are just living my dream! My passion is travel and I cannot wait for a few more years for my little ones to travel with me! Nothing beats those smiles in their faces and those memories will be with them forever! Thanks for sharing.

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