Sydney Beaches with Kids : Where To Go With Your Family

Sydney Beaches with Kids : Where To Go With Your Family

Sydney Beaches with Kids ….where to start? With well over 100 beaches in the city alone, Sydney families are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a beach to take the kids. They’re all free and will create this summer moments you will never forget – moments worth millions! Sydney beaches with kids can be a little confusing. If you’re heading to Sydney for the very first time you are likely to head to Bondi Beach but what if we told you that there are countless Sydney beaches that are suited to families. In fact, Sydney boats a plethora of options from beaches with endless sand, beaches with grassy nooks, beaches with rock pools and even beaches where the tide gently laps at your feet. Some would say that the city is blessed.

Sydney Beaches with Kids : Where To Go With Your Family

To help you find your next Sydney beach to explore with kids we have collated them all into a map. Simply click the little blue tag to read about the beach to see if it is sounds like a Sydney beach you would love to explore with your family. We have attempted to provide a little blurb about each beach, an image and a list of amenities. Which will you choose?

Sydney Beaches with Kids : Where To Go With Your Family

Of course, I’m sure that there are a few hidden spots that we’ve missed. Locations that only the immediate locals know about. Special spots that are absolutely perfect for families. If you know of one and this we should include it, please leave a comment below.

Want a little more inspiration? We’ve written about a number of our favourite beaches over the years which you may love to read. They document our experience at each beach and provide some coverage of what we found particularly interesting about each of them. Shark Beach is at the top of my list.

Shark Beach in Vaucluse 
Gunnamatta Park in Cronulla 
Botany Bay, Kurnell
Manly Q Station


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2 thoughts on “Sydney Beaches with Kids : Where To Go With Your Family

  1. Thank you Leah for putting this together! This is so useful. All the information I need in one article! I just love your selection. They are definite must-gos. I agree Shark Beach looks the best. Can you let me know what month this is? Do you recommend a month to check out these beaches? Thank you again for sharing.

  2. Beach is always a good idea, especially with kids! They’d just go swimming for hours if you’d let them. Sailing aboard a boat, catamaran, or a yacht would also be an unforgettable way to see the beautiful beaches in Sydney.

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